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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Bienvenue à Montréal - où est Brian Ching et la bibliothèque?

Jacob Peterson wrote "Return To Sender" on the back

A rival is born! Well... re-born at least... but this time in MLS form! Toronto FC's true natural rival, Montreal Impact (L'Impact du Montreal to their amis) took a major step towards building the club's nouveau lineup for their debut in Ligue Majeure de Soccer during today's Expansion Draft.
Joey Saputo's Fromage Wanderers had a couple of days to browse the wares made available by the league's 18 existing clubs then retreated to their prosciutto-laden bunker deep under a bibliotheque to announce their selections. While we know here in Toronto that Expansion Draft rosters don't last too long (Memories of Paulo Nagamura isn't a President's Choice marinade), la première équipe for Montreal in 2012 will evolve from this core...
Brian "Le Retirement" Ching - HOU
Zarek "L'Amour" Valentin - CHV
Justin Mapp - PHI
Bobby Burling - SJ
Jeb Brovsky - VAN
Collen Warner - RSL
Josh Gardner - CLB
Sanna Nyassi - COL
James "Trade That Irish Name" Riley - SEA
Riley traded to Chivas USA for Justin Braun and Gerson Mayen
Seth Sinovic - SKC
Impact also traded Allocation to Seattle for Tyson Wahl
So there you are, these are the players that Toronto fans need to start making hilarious songs about. However, considering the # 1 pick has openly declared that he'd rather end his career than play in Quebec - we may want to hold off. Impact did manage to draft some quality pieces that they may very well keep or trade away for futures. Either way, a few of these lads will no doubt enter the magical world of Joe Louis', Pepsi-Cola, cigarettes and peelers that never quit.
From a TFC angle, the club managed to hold on to everyone with Impact unsurprisingly refusing to poach from their arch-rival. Sadly, L'Impact extended that to ex-Reds and chose to ignore The Yorkies' #PetersonAvecImpact campaign which wanted to see Canada's # 1 Tourism Ambassador Jacob Peterson selected to play in La Belle Province. You win this round Peterson... but you just wait until Real Regina enters the league.

1 comment:

  1. La bibliotheque est sur la table...wait, messing up french class again aren't I?

    Mapp, Valentin & Nyassi are the standout picks IMO. Should be interesting to see what happens once the trading really heats up.