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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

TFC deck the Hall with new defender... leave Borman exposed to Re-Entry Draft

Soon to be heading in the same direction

Toronto FC got into the holiday shopping mood on Tuesday with the acquisition of defender Jeremy Hall. The 23-year old Florida native arrives from FC Dallas after previous MLS stops with Portland and New York. Primarily a right back, Hall was the 11th overall pick in the 2009 MLS SuperDraft and provides The Reds with a little more depth on the corners of their back line.
TFC sent their 2013 SuperDraft 2nd Round pick to Texas in exchange, a move which would surprise few Aron Winter observers. The year-old management team has made no bones about putting most of their development eggs in the Academy basket which in turn makes the MLS draft something of a bonus. If TFC's Academy can continue to produce solid MLS players then draft picks like this 2013 2nd Rounder can be exchanged for ready-made pieces from clubs who aren't as advanced in developing their own talent without the aid of the NCAA.

The club also announced later that the only player on the current squad who will be made available in this year's MLS re-entry draft is Danleigh Borman. Considering Jeremy Hall and Borman play similar roles, it isn't a stretch to believe that the affable South African and his International roster spot are endangered in Toronto. No word if Borman's insistence on listening to Boyz II Men or watching Cosby Show re-runs affected the decision.


  1. And now I have "End of the Road" on an endless loop in my head...this can only end badly.

  2. was just about to say, is this 'the end of the road' for danleigh?