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Monday, December 26, 2011

THE STARTING 11: TFC Christmas gifts

Happy Boxing Day!

Boxing Day... not only the one day of the year that Maxim Usanov celebrates his hero, Soviet-era pugilist Ivan Drago, but the day where you look at all of your Christmas gifts and ask your loved ones... "do you still have the receipt?" It's not always quite as easy as gently hinting that the new Cosby sweater your dear Aunt Nora gave you "isn't quite you" though. When you get a gift from your boss for example, you often just have to grin and bear it. Even for our dear local football men The Toronto FC'ers - sometimes a forced grin and a thanks through gritted teeth has to be given when MLSE drops off their prezzies...
11. A GPS system for Andy Iro and Ty Harden with TFC's backline listed as "Home"
10. Marlies tickets all around
9. Giant sudoku book for Nathan Sturgis to pass the time while riding the bench next year
8. "I LOVE CANADA" T-Shirts for Jacob Peterson (stuck in customs)
7. A pack of limited edition orange Lamborghini ShamWows for Julian de Guzman
6. 34 skinny red ties for Aron Winter
5. The new Adidas platform shoe / football boot "Los Gigantos" for Joao Plata
4. A treasure map to the whereabouts of Elbekay Bouchiba
3. The full "Jingle Cats" Anthology for Nick Soolsma
2. A "# 1" jersey mistakenly given to both Kocic and Frei
1. A year's supply of black backwards caps for Torsten Frings

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  1. 7(b) For Julian de Guzman, a free consultation with a financial planner who specializes in individuals who suddenly find their income cut drastically (which will happen after his contract runs out after next season).