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Monday, December 5, 2011

THE STARTING 11: Toronto FC related programming for MLSE's proposed network

Theo and Danleigh Borman. Pre-Re-Entry Draft.

After testing the market for a potential sale of its MLSE assets, The Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan recently decided to take the sports and "entertainment" monolith off the market. Funny that four flailing sports teams without a major trophy (sorry NutCan) between them couldn't tempt a multi-billionaire. Oh well, recession and all of that. Stuck with their product but still looking to maximize revenue (we know, you are shocked), MLSE has floated the idea of setting up a premium regional cable TV network which in theory would house its clubs. One of the problems with such a venture is what this proposed network would show when a game wasn't on-air - especially programming to keep TFC supporters tuned in...

11. "Survivor: Re-Entry Draft"

10. "Dancing With de Klerks"

9. "North American Horror Story: MLS Kits of 1996"

8. "Coffee Talk - with Jimmy Brennan!"

7. "Still Waiting to be a Millionaire" with Dwayne De Rosario

6. "Iron Chef: Chef Samuel vs. Chef Gerba"

5. "Torsten Frings Stares at you for 22 Minutes"

4. "Tiny, Tiny, Tiny Talent Time" with Joao Plata

3. Danleigh Borman Presents: Re-runs of The Cosby Show to the sounds of Boyz II Men

2. "Cat Chat!" with Nick Soolsma and his kitty-cat Suarez

1. "Adrian Cann's Next Top Model"

And to our departing friend Danleigh Borman. May your days in New England be bright and may all your re-runs of Fresh Prince and Cosby be accompanied by accapella Philly harmony...

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