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Monday, January 23, 2012

THE STARTING 11: Surprises on the first day of Toronto FC training camp

Monty Hall... a proud father

"The boys are back in tow-owu-wow-own!" Oh, sing it yourself then. It's true though - like well-paid groundhogs in shorts, our beloved Reds are making their annual late-winter appearance! And guess what? Spring is coming early! (March 7th at SkyDome - operators are standing by) It's always fun to see old faces return and new faces emerge (except on defence where we are apparently in tip-top shape) and catch up on all the news and gossip from a long off-season. Much like the first day back at school, there are always a few surprises and in the halls of BMO Field it's much the same...
11. De Ro stopped buy just to check if any DP money happened to be laying around
10. Torsten Frings reported back with a severe neck injury after being dared to wear his ballcap frontwards - and failing
9. New defender Jeremy Hall? Son of Monty Hall!
8. SuperDraft picks given their first pro shirts - Supplemental Draft picks shown how to work the laundry machines
7. Elbekay Bouchiba is actually a ghost
6. Adrian Cann has bounced back from his ACL injury through a blend of Eastern medicines... and cosmetic surgery
5. Nick Soolsma is being detained at Toronto's Pearson Airport after attempting to smuggle a dozen cats into Canada in his trousers
4. Bob de Klerk? Dreadlocks.
3. Joao Plata has been carrying the entire worth of his new contract around in his pockets. Now measures in at 3 Foot 7
2. New midfielder Reggie Lambe outrageously proclaims to media that he is "superior to beef, chicken and pork"
1. Ty Harden had been locked in the bathroom since November

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