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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Yourass is grass

It's how he'd want to be remembered

The man who filled the coveted "Supervillain" role after Maxim Usanov left town has been unceremoniously dispatched himself. Without having to sabotage a giant laser, use a submarine Lotus or rake any moons, TFC waived Mikael Yourassowsky from the roster.
With only days remaining before SIXual Healing's training camp opens, the move to release the rambunctious Belgian is hardly a surprise. Yourassowsky was far more fun to say than watch, with his penchant for rather cheap dives and habit of collecting reckless fouls. With a midrange salary and a valuable international roster spot, Yourass has been an endangered species since rumours of South American defenders and returning Gingers began hotting up.
Despite the value of playing multiple positions and his single valuable goal in the NutCan, TFC's off-season roster moves (as well as the rumoured additions) will have dropped Yourassowsky far too down the depth chart to justify his expense. Instead, the wandering winger will go down as a TFC footnote - one of those early Aron Winter transition players along with Javier Martina, Alan Gordon and Alen Stevanovic who have come and gone. At least he can get back to work on that giant laser.


  1. What about dolphins with lasers? That's still a thing, right?

  2. Of course! So are Octoyourassowskys.

  3. And Yourassowkyeyes? As long as no wooden, holiday named, American physicists show up. (Yes, I know I mixed movies - sue me).