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Monday, April 9, 2012

THE STARTING 11: Strange Toronto FC insults from Impact supporters

"Thanks... was that so hard?"

With the first MLS meeting between Toronto FC and Olympique du Fromage behind us, it is safe to say "The 401 Derby" is here to stay. There is very little love lost between the red clad fans on this end of the highway and the bleu clad on the eastern end. With so many Montreal Impact fans on hand in The Big O to "welcome" TFC and their supporters it was no surprise that things got a petit bit testy. While some of the overheard chants and insults were clever, and others were just... well insulting... some must have been lost in translation.
11. "Monarchist Dichio-addicts!"
10. "Non-Smoking De Ro danglers!"
9. "Ungrateful Laurent Robert deniers!"
8. "VIA-riding Sutton users!"
7. "Deodorant-happy Mitsou haters!"
6. "Parliamentary poutine smugglers!"
5. "Bibliotheque-searching Hardenites!"
4. Swiss Chalet swallowing Carlsberg guzzlers!"
3. "BMO-stealing Gerba wasters!"
2. "Ketchup covering French Fry abusers!"
1. "Leafs fans!"

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