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Saturday, April 7, 2012

THE SOUTH COUCH REPORT : Montreal v Toronto... or Derby Day is weird when no one has won a game yet

I love a traditional looking logo.  You're welcome.

Game 1.  Well, it is really game 4, but unlike the start, right now, the league is the sole focus.  No more players out due to suspension or cup ties.  Just the usual injury drama.

Montreal are ahead of Toronto in the league standings, however in five attempts, they've got a point.  So this may be the only period of the season where the Cheese Makers are ahead of our beloved Robins.  We hope.

Prediction is 1-1.  I'd ask my pets but I do not have any.

Onto the match.

16' - Soolsma does this crazy cut into the box with the ball, settles it and just misses the inside of the post.  There needs to be an investigation regarding Soolsma 2011 and 2012.

18' - GOAL - Bad passing between deGoo and Dunfield causes the ball to be coughed up to Neagle, who steals it right from in front of him, and lays a ball off to Ubiparipović who rockets it from 18 yds out for the bottom left corner.

Cheese Makers 1, Robins 0

28' - Cheese Maker counterattack as Nyassi just takes off and has a go from 20 yds out, forcing a good save from Kocic and better protecting of the deflection from the backtracking Eckersley.

29' - YELLOW - Eckersley goes into the book for upending Corradi, ass over tea cup.  Looked accidental but meh.

36' - Great point-blank stop from Ricketts off of a header from Kovermans to deny the big man a spot on the score sheet.

Half-Time mood : unimpressed.  Is unimpressed a mood?  If it isn't, it should be.

52' - SUB - Plata off for Silva and Eckersley off for Henry.

59' - YELLOW - deGoo goes for a careless foul and gets booked for his troubles.

65' - RED - Nyassi breaks past Screech and Screech takes the legs from behind. Foul on the edge of the box, but straight red for the kid.

66' - Ensuing free kick from Nyassi sends one dipping for the upper corner but Kocic makes a great save to tip over the bar.

68' - Johnson sents a cross into the box where Ricketts beat Koevermans to the ball in the air, but Koevermans scrambles to the loose ball and has it get cleared by Thomas before any damage could be done.

71' - Utter madness, Johnson to Koevermans crosses looking for Silva, but it hits a defender and bounces towards goal only to have it cleared off the line by a defender

72' - SUB - Soolsma comes off for Lambe.

78' - Mapp has a go from long range foring Kocic to make a diving stop.

81' - GOAL - The counter attack game for Montreal finally pays off as Mapp hoofs a huge ball for Wenger to pick up, beats Harden and slides it past Kocic.

Cheese Makers 2, Robins 0

88' - GOAL - Finally Danny Koevermans!  Lambe crosses the ball in front of the 6 yd box and Koevermans loses his marker to head it down past Ricketts. 

Cheese Makers 2, Robins 1

3 mins of Extra Time  

Full Time : Montreal 2, Toronto 1

Man of the Match : Kocic. The only guy who seemed to be playing a consistent game.  Ecks and Screech ruled themselves out with their bookings and Koevermans bagging his first didn't help the three or four misses he had earlier.

Goat of the Game : Dunfield's marauding movements forward were ill-timed and ill-positioned.

Ref Rating : 4 our of 5.  Felt they didn't blow and calls and there were a few they could've easily made a bad day worse for TFC.

Was it me or was the first half kind of 'meh'? And when Screech was sent off, the game went end to end for the duration of the match.  Toronto should consider playing with 10 men more often... and while I think of it, Toronto should treat every MLS team like a CONCACAF Champions League match from here on in.  They'll finish the season 30-4-4... Clearly still disappointed with deGoo from Wednesday as every touch that did nothing, disappointment washed over me... Ty Harden will continue to remain employed as a starter.  He has to have a massive mental lapse before Winter will so much as sub him, let alone move him to the bench... Even though Soolsma is not the fastest winger, it is still amazing to watch him turn defenders inside out... Emory was having a pretty good game until the tackle.  That had to be the weakest straight red that was a legitimate call ever.  It was still the correct call but looked almost over-killed for the sending off.

I'm watching these KickTV things with ex-pro Jimmy Conrad and the video entitled LA Galaxy 2012: Biggest MLS Flop? The Mixer and the part where he runs down the KC Wizards for being the biggest flop and then throwing to his first MLS goal is true comedy gold.  Also the open letter to UFC supremo Dana White who ran his mouth running down soccer a while ago is totally worth watching.

Kocic 7, Morgan 6, Emory 5.5, Harden 6, Eckersley 6 [Henry 6], deGoo 6, Johnson 6.5, Dunfield 5.5, Plata 6 [Silva 6], Koevermans 6.5, Soolsma 6.5 [Lambe N/A]


  1. DeGoo gets a 6? Come on, man. DeGoo - crap. Morgan - crap. Dunfield - crap. Harden - do I need to say it (take a close look at the 2nd goal)? Emory - crap. Henry - yes, crap. What a mess! What a mess.

  2. TFC have 3 DPs. Two play the same position and the clearly better one of those two is currently out injured. With the remaining salary cap space available the club has rolled the dice with inexpensive foreigners to see if they pan out or they have stuck with clearly limited domestic incumbents. TFC is 0-0-4 to start the season.

    I see that Sporting Kansas City is 5-0-0 to start the season. No DPs on their roster, allowing them to spend the money on a better supporting cast.