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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

THE SOUTH STAND REPORT : Canada v Honduras... Or isn't that racist?

 If you recognize this as 'not the Honduran flag' then you may appreciate the madness below.

What promised to be the usual weather bullshit that Toronto supporters have been accustomed to, turned out to be beautiful with a nice breeze.  Nice change.

Canada stole the points from Cuba last week while most of the country was hooked on some other tournament.  Whatever. Past is the past.

Honduras did the unthinkable and lost to Panama.  Up is down. Left is right. Steak is some tofu thing.  Tonight is a crap shoot.

On to the match!

4' - deGoo takes his contractual long rang attempt to injure someone in the upper stands and gets the target, less the injury.

They all look alike.
~ Ro on opposition supporters.

Which leads us to our newest and controversial feature...

Borderline Racist Quotes Heard Around the Ground.

18' - DeRo has a go from 20 yards out and just flies over the bar.

19' - Occean draws a foul just outside of the box.  Ensuing DeRo free kick takes flight over the bar.

You dive like El Salvador 
~ Tony

24' - YELLOW - McKenna for a bullshit call on a tackle.

Is this the time they start cheating?
No. They usually start cheating 25 minutes ago.
~ Julian and Me

Nicaragua in disguise!
Nicaragua in disguise.
~ group effort

You can sit where you want, as long as you're not wearing a Honduras shirt.  You don't belong.
~ woman in front to a new supporter on
the south end seating arrangements

~Me on a keeper goal kick

~ Tony

It sounds made up
Sounds made up
Shouldn't it be
Honduras City
Tegucigalpa sounds made up
~ Me to the tune of  "When the Saints Go Marching In"

Everybody knows Hondurans like shallow graves.
- Tony in response to 'dig a hole and bury him' chants

45' - YELLOW - Occean called on a dive. He dove.

Tamales? I thought cheating was their specialty?
- Julian after learning about Honduran culinary delights

Half time we discovered that Barenaked Ladies' bassist Jim Creegan is sitting behind us.  (Gordon is still an awesome album.)

70' - SUB - Legerwood makes way for Ricketts

Gheri curls are not aerodynamic.
~ Tony

If you forget his name, you make Jah angry
~ Jon on remembering Kyle Beckerman

The north stand has grown, look.
One moves in...
... And there goes the neighbourhood
It used to be so quiet.
Season ticket prices are plummeting.
~ Me and Tony revisiting really bad
old stereotypes

84' - SUB - Hume comes on for Occean

88' - SUB - Jackson comes on for a hurt Hutchinson

4 mins of extra time

Full time: Canada 0, Honduras 0

Stephen Hart sure took his time in making substitutions as Occean and Hutchinson could have made way 20 minutes earlier, giving the fresh strikers a chance to be a part of the game... Man of the Match has to go to Edgar who was everywhere and looked good doing it... the Hondurans did a much better job of containing DeRo than their American counterparts as he threatened early and didn't do much the remainder of the game... this match was mostly Canada control.  Shame that there was no victory.

For those of you who took offense to the "borderline racist" bit, it wasn't meant to be racist.  We were making up new bad stereotypes, applying older long-standing stereotypes, and my personal favourite, crap geography jokes.  None of us are remotely racist and, though we are genuinely annoyed at the volume of opposition supporters, have nothing against Hondurans.  No Hondurans were harmed in the making of this post.

We hope.


  1. Racists! I KID!! I heard way worse things about Canada from the ignorant group of "Honduran-Canadians" sat two rows behind me.

  2. Racism is never funny, no matter how you apologize for it.