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Monday, June 11, 2012

THE STARTING 11: Aron Winter regrets

Not Aron's best look...

By all accounts, Aron Winter was a very bright football mind - and more importantly, a true gent. Things just didn't go the way he wanted, or we wanted for that matter, at Toronto FC. Whether the lion's share of the blame lies with Winter, with the toxic TFC Front Office or a combination of both - we'll never likely know. In the end however, it is the affable Dutchman heading back to The Netherlands with a job unfinished and no doubt more than one (probably eleven) regrets...
11. The whole skinny pink tie phase
10. Not talking to John Carver before taking the job... or Chris Cummins... or Preki... or Nick Dasovic
9. Letting Bob de Klerk give team talks while doing his "hilarious" Rutger Hauer impression
8. That the next season of "So You Think You Can Dance Canada" will no longer get to experience his "Total FunkBall DanceKrew"
7. Not unleashing the full force of Ty Harden on opponents
6. Never taking the time to visit Ajax, Ontario
5. Always saying "there's always tomorrow" to try his first chip butty
4. The warm milk at halftime
3. Not punching Jim Brennan in the soul patch
2. Not slowing down and taking the time to experience the wonders of downtown Columbus, Ohio
1. Believing a word that came out of Tom Anselmi's mouth

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