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Saturday, June 23, 2012

THE SOUTH STAND REPORT : Toronto v New England... or oh no, not again

I was most proud of the four outlines where the 'near championships' would be at the top.

Man, Wednesday's match was fantastic.  Thrilling even.  Koevermans reintroduced himself to the score sheet twice and it was end to end action.  Strong finish, even if it was for the wrong team.  It made for great television.  I try to watch as many road matches as my schedule / girlfriend permits, and that was one of the best MLS matches I've watched.  Possibly the best, as most of which were sad, boring and frustrating.

The Paul Mariner Era, or as I've been referring it to - The MarinEra (TM) - is in full swing.  Winter is gone, and though I felt that he was building the club in his own image, the results were more important and he was dismissed.  Bye bye 4-3-3.

This 4-4-2 (or 4-3-1-2 as some have spun it) seems to be working offensively, but defensively it is yet to be determined.  The attack is spirited and aggressive and calculating.  Now if someone can just fix the back four.

On to the match...

We want Soolsma!
Sorry, but right now, he's in the cat house.
~ Myself and @theyorkies1812
bringing up Suarez

4' - GOAL - Ashtone Morgan floats in a perfect little cross for big Danny Koevermans to get up and head down and away past Reis.  How about that.

42' - GOAL - Another Morgan delivery just eeks past Koevermans but finds the head of Ryan Johnson.

Whenever they announce Jeremy Hall, we should do the Arsenio crowd-woof-woof thing.
Frings that make you go hmmm...
~ Myself and @theyorkies1812
having more random discussion

45+1' - Feilhaber corner finds McCarthy flying noggin forcing Kocic to make a superb diving save.

Half-Time Mood : Great, but you can't help but think you've seen this before, all too recently.

48' - YELLOW - Koevermans goes into the book for losing his crap on an apparent blown throw in decision.  They shake hands after, what I assume, was an apology.

56' - Johnson marauds into the New England penalty area, and after his third touch before shooting, his attempt was tackled away.  Too many touches Ryan...

59 - SUB - Silva comes in for Avila.  I start making siren noises.  Only to amuse myself though.

61 - Frings launches a rocket that is handled easily by Reis.

67 - SUB - Frings comes off for Emory.  Yes, the captain is replaced by "Screech" from Saved by the Bell.  Not a typo. (afterwards, it was clear that Frings was hurt and his knee looked bandaged).

68 - Johnson's cross was a smidge too high for Silva, who was in the right place to nearly make the Houston thing all go away.

71' - GOAL - Brettschneider pounces on a Kocic rebound and fires it into the net.  Ugh.

73' - YELLOW - Henry gets booked for something.

74' - Ensuing free kick sees Kocic reprise his role of Superman with a leaping save from a bending ball around the wall.  Top shelf stuff.

76' - Emory clears one off the line.  Too close.

78' - All New England.  Is this the start of 15 minutes of PanicBall (TM)?

81' - SUB - deGoo makes way for Lambe.  Okaaay...

88' - OMG!  Someone beat Kocic, but not the post.  Way too close.

4 minutes of extra time

90+4' - GOAL - [Woah! Lots of swearing in this one. Some might say excessive. Keep it clean, kid. ~ Ed.]!!!  Feilhaber unmarked from a corner, heads it past a stranded Kocic.  Tragic.

FULL TIME : Toronto 2, New England 2.

Man of the Match : Kocic.  He's for real and he didn't deserve a draw for all his work.

Goat of the Game : The group effort of PanicBall.  I haven't seen that since the Carver regime.

Ref Rating : 4 out of 5.  They blew a few calls but none of the ones that matter to the outcome.  Excellent crew.

Ryan Johnson loves to telegraph his passes.  It's like a segmented line is drawn as soon as it appears where he's passing to.  Even makes the xylophone noises as it's drawn, it's so obvious... To the military gentleman who sang the anthems : Please come back and sing them again.  Both renditions were fantastic.  He had people casually singing along to the American anthem he was that good... One of these days, we're gonna get a private box, invite the funniest people around us, and do a Mystery Science Theatre show of us calling a match.  I was howling tonight... hope the bandage on Frings isn't a sign of anything too serious and it's just a strain.  He's the engine... And how about those crosses from Morgan.  They're fabulous.  All floaty and stuff... With all of the reports that Plata is returning to LDU Quito, I kinda hope they're true.  He is an excellent strategy-altering substitute but not a starter and certainly not to play 90 minutes.  His career will flourish better anywhere in MLS.

Also, as a side note, I still have 4 Yorkies Card Sets remaining.  One person said "I wasn't expecting Upper Deck quality", so I know that's a helluva compliment.  Please contact us at to inquire for your set.

Player Ratings : Kocic 9, Hall 7, Eckersley 6.5, Henry 6.5, Morgan 7.5, Dunfield 6, Frings 6.5 [Emory 6.5], deGoo 6 [Lambe N/A], Avila 6.5 [Silva N/A], Johnson 7, Koevermans 7.5.

I can be followed on the Twitter @ignirtoq.  It's an old gaming character name that I played with for years that is pronounced "IG-nir-tock".  I may change it one day, but until then, this will remain as is.  I jump in on conversations regularly, create ridiculous crowd-sourced graphics, and occasionally beg bands I like to release and sell me live recordings of their shows.

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