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Monday, November 19, 2012

THE STARTING 11: Player reactions to being released by Toronto FC

The Release Rocket

Having your contract terminated by a club is never a nice moment for a footballer... depending on the club doing the cutting. The most common reaction from departing players is a solemn thanks to the fans but every now and then a few words are uttered that make you curious. After TFC culled its "Dirty Half-Dozen" last week, young midfielder Oscar Cordon took to Twitter with a post-cutting "Thank God". Optimists thought it was his religious side coming out but when I yell "JESUS CHRIST" at Toronto FC - it's not in anticipation of the second coming. Blasphemy aside, we thought we'd take a look back at a few other unique parting shots by ex-Reds....
11. KEITH MAKUBUYA: "Surely this pink-slip was meant for Andrew Wiedeman right?!"
10. LAURENT ROBERT: "Au revoir to this croissant-forsaken tundra!"
9. ANDREA LOMBARDO: "I'm sad to leave but I'd like to thank all the fans... and does anyone know when the next Dufferin 29 bus is due?"
8. MAXIM USANOV: "Maxim so angry he could punch horse!" (10 minutes later) "...does anyone know telephone for horse dentist?"
7. LESLY FELLINGA: "I was going to put a Haitian Voodoo curse on BMO Field... but obviously I was beaten to it."
6. MISTA: "Adios... and gracias for the free money!"
5. MARTIN SARIC: "I feel robbed."
4. TY HARDEN: "Wait... I still play here?"
3. RAIVIS HSCANOVICS: "Vry trrble day. Hscanovics dsspnted ovr rlse frm Trnto"
2. COLLIN SAMUEL: "They may take away my contract... but they can never take MY SANDWICH!!!"
1. ADRIAN CANN: "Oh and one last thing. My abs? They ARE real... and they're spectacular!"

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