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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Here's "The Boss" as Reds win lottery

Sorry, you're all wrong. Gale's "The Boss"

The Mayans were right! Sorry - had to use the crappy Doomsday joke one last time before tomorrow but suddenly Toronto FC are being gifted left and right with those mystical pan-dimensional creatures - centrebacks.
With the ink barely dry on Danny Califf's "I Heart T.O." tattoo those almost ambitious Reds won today's MLS Weighted Lottery and claimed young American (via Togo and Benin) defender... wait for it... Gale Abossoumonde. First one to make a good song about him wins a prize*. "The Boss", as he will likely be known through ease and laziness, was another great U.S. teen idol on the rocket to "soccer stardom" but rather than go the MLS route like many of his peers, he decided instead to sign with Brazilian "sports marketing" firm Traffic. That's where it seems his star seemed to stop soaring.
Agbossoumonde (so hard to spell without looking!) bounced around clubs such as the historic Miami FC and Estoril Praia while constantly being loaned out to the likes of Braga, Djurgarden and most recently Carolina Railhawks. While his level of professional experience and pedigree is not going to transform The Reds' backline next year, he may be a useful prospect IF he can regain the promise of his youth that made him a USA U20 fixture.
For TFC this pick-up gives them yet more options. With two new centrebacks on the books, this may very well change the club's philosophy heading into the SuperDraft with their two high picks. Trade opportunities and concentrating on other areas of need is now a very nice luxury. Depending on how "The Boss" shows in training camp this could also bounce the likes of Logan Emory and Doneil Henry down the pecking order. Of course for a club that has lacked depth for so long - this is a good thing. Overall this is a low-risk move for TFC to grab a kid who could still find his way and on a low wage to boot. And hey, that's hardly the end of the world now is it?
*Our seethingly jealous admiration

Here's some help with that chant South End...

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