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Monday, December 17, 2012

THE STARTING 11: 2012 Toronto FC TV Holiday specials

"Miguel with your nose so bright, won't you start a fight tonight?"

The holiday season... not only a time for crippling credit card debt, drunken office shenaniganism and inappropriate uncles but also for staring aimlessly at the television machine. Yes, it's that time of the year when regularly scheduled programming is interrupted by holiday specials that have been on loop since 1971. Did you know that puppeteer, claymation artist and elf/dwarf unemployment goes up by 84% on December 27th? Fact. With Toronto FC now under the ownership of media giants, there is no way the club could miss this annual opportunity to fill the airwaves with Reds' flavoured-frivolity/ help the dwarf unemployment fiscal cliff.
11. "Terry Christmas, Mr. Dunfield"
10. "Kevin Payne Fixes The Holidays"
9. Danny Califf's "Backpedalling Through The Snow"
8. "Old Man Winter II: Aron's Revenge"
7. "Uncle Paul Mariner Yells at The Kids: A TFC Town Hall Holiday"
6. "Joaelf"
5. "Christmas Comes to Salford" aka "Richard Eckersley Slide Tackles the Baby Jesus from Behind"
4. "Mi Nah Kno Bout Dem Snowmen Ya Kno?" Reggie Lambe's Very Twitter Christmas
3. "Away in a Manger: Beitar Jerusalem FC vs. Toronto FC Friendly"
2. "Miguel The Red-Eyed Rojo"
1. "The Grinch Who Tore ACL's"

Live from Manger Stadium


  1. let's not forget that christmas classic singalong, mary poppins, or sound of music whichever it is, i dunno.

    anyway, join in everyone you know the words.


    In other excellent news, the prove you're not a robot thing asked me to type 'assrips'!!!! awesome.

    1. And they call us "Hypercritical"! Make sure to return when we re-start "Chants On Goal" in the New Year.

      And hey - we've always said "if you have to prove yourself... do it with assrips".