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Monday, December 24, 2012

THE STARTING 11: Signs that Christmas has arrived at Toronto FC

"Mr. Koevermans... your blood test results are in..."

Happy Christmas Eve y'all! Or, for those of you who don't celebrate Christmas - get back to work... it's Monday you lazy so-and-so. That special day where we honour the famous trade pact of 33BC where the warring gold, frankincense and myrrh industries finally put aside their differences is indeed upon us and nowhere is more festive than the world renowned home of good times and cheer - BMO Field. The Dichio is nestled all snug in his bed... and Jim Brennan is doing whatever it is he does too... but how else do we know that Christmas has reached Exhibition Place?

11. Gale Abossoumonde finally got that extra letter in his last name he's been asking for

10. Reggie Lambe takes to Twitter to ask: "Yo mi got no gift ya no? Where da Santa at bra?"

9. Stefan Frei gets drunk on Swiss liqueurs and wanders around the bus station yelling that "he invented Toblerones and Dub Step"

8. Eric Hassli gets mistletoe tattooed on his lower abdomen

7. Jesus of Nazareth proclaimed as "the best box-to-box Messiah in the game today"

6. Danny Koevermans is 63% gravy

5. Danny Califf begs Santa Claus to send him anywhere except the North Pole

4. Earl Cochrane just traded both SuperDraft picks for a figgy pudding and some egg nog to be named later

3. Paul Mariner is wearing his formal dress shorts

2. Richard Eckersley asked to guide sleighs tonight

1. Tom Anselmi swings open his window and tells Joao Plata to go buy the biggest goose at the butcher's shop and bring it to him!


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