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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

All that losing for nothing? Payne eyes more than just draft picks as Reds deal 1st Pick

"Ok ball - you take Hassli and I'll throw in some ball polish. Deal?"

Welcome to our unexpectedly ongoing SuperDraft pre-game show. Up next Diana Ross takes a free kick. But first... "TFC did whaaaaaaaaaaaa?"
Out of all of the mock draft prognostication and "will they/won't they" trade one or both of the picks, not many would have guessed at this one. TFC aka "The House of Payne" has flipped the first overall pick in tomorrow's SuperDraft to New England for their pick, fourth overall, and that mysterious element of the universe - allocation money. And you would have to guess it was more than a musket's worth of funds.
The deal would seem to make a few things apparent: Kevin Payne and his team were not sold or interested in the projected # 1 pick Andrew Farrell; they feel that they can pick up pieces that they need with the 3rd and 4th picks (possibly including Canadian Kyle Bekker); and, the club has its eyes on some imminent player acquisitions which require the allocation money. The next 24 hours or so should be woolly ones to say the least.
More news when it happens - which knowing TFC will be when we turn our backs for one damn second - or when Diana Ross finally connects. Super! Draft.


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