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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

What to Expect When You're Expecting a New Manager - TFC's 2013 schedule released

Humpday? Must be Columbus.

Well our manager may not be around for the first while but you dear supporter have no excuse! It's time to call your second cousin and tell her to move that wedding date - or at least make sure that the hall gets GOL TV. Yes, from deep in their Manhattan underground lair, Major League Soccer has unleashed its 2013 schedule on an expectant public.
It's no real use trying to guess if this is a "good" or a "bad" schedule for The Reds - that all comes down to form at any given time. With the parity in this league, a hot team overcomes a tough schedule. However, TFC does get a bit of a rough start to the year. Good thing poor Nelly won't be here to witness it!
Some highlights for TFC 2013 include:
- A difficult start to the new season away to Vancouver, at "home" (SkyDome most likely) to Sporting KC, down the 401 to La Belle Cheesemakers followed by a (hopefully BMO opener) against the MLS Cup Champions LA Galaxy
- For those obsessed with floral-based trophies that mean very little, The Trillium Cup versus Columbus Crew will be a trilogy once again with Crew visiting BMO on July 27 and August 12 with The Reds making that dream trip to the Ohio Riviera on May 18
- Who knows how far we will be from the playoff picture but we will finish of the season with a bang - and some pseudo-Quebecois swearing - at home to Montreal on October 26. They will likely have added 14 more elderly Italians by then.
The rest of your Two Thousand and Thirteen Eff Cee's schedule can be found right.... HERE!

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  1. On the plus side....a Friday night game at the Ex this year! Good team or bad team those are always fun.