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Friday, March 29, 2013

Julio Cesar released, wall of honour announcement forthcoming

Find me a pic of him in a red kit and I'll swap it... better yet don't.

Well, in what can only be assumed that it was a move prompted by taking advantage of the vacuum of a slow news day, Toronto FC as released Julio Cesar.

Allow us to start the rumour that he was just tired of being confused for all of the other Julio Cesars that are out there, but the greater liklihood was to free up an international slot in the squad.  At 34 years of age, there isn't much long term upswing for him.  More will likely follow, but at least it wasn't for getting arrested for public intoxication or making a cheque signing gesture, so there's a plus.

There would have been a "video" of his playing days as a Robin, but realizing that he hasn't played a minute, finding an image of him sitting on the bench is tough enough.

Nevertheless, we will remember him fondly...

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