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Monday, March 25, 2013

THE STARTING 11: Toronto FC-inspired food stands at BMO Field for 2013

Man, IHOMHEP sucks.

One of the folksy multicultural promotions that TFC began back in 2007 was to aim for gastronomical inclusiveness at the BMO Field concession stands. In a city where football supporters can hail from any continent, the club tried to cater to all needs simultaneously. It hasn't always been a grand success - looking at you "Curried Scotch Egg Burrito with Hollandaise Sauce" - but the effort was there. Seven seasons on and the club is looking forward both on and off the pitch and what better way to a supporter's heart than through food? Put down that $28 dollar pint of Bud for a sec to feed your face with these new treats...

11. "Frings!" (Discontinued)

10. "Reggie's Lamb" (Open every 6 matches)

9. "T.G.I. Frei's"

8. "International House of Mysteriously Half-Eaten Pancakes"

7. "Kyle & Emery's GO Station Gourmet"

6. "Julio Cesar Salad Bar"

5. "Slightly Amber Skunky Water" brought to you by Budweiser

4. "#AllPhoOne" Vietnamese Foods

3. "Kevin's Pain" French Bakery

2. "Braun Cocktails"

1. "Five-Year Flan"

1 comment:

  1. No "Doneil "O" Henrys or Maicon Baicon Buttys?

    All washed down with a Javier Martini?