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Monday, April 1, 2013

THE STARTING 11: MLS signs of Spring

Behold, the call of the Great Cascadian ManCannon...

It's Springtime for Garber! No foolin' yo - it's April 1st and no matter what the weather says - spring is ready to sprung up in your business. Being a league that must use a reverse-football calendar (come visit us in January Mr. Blatter), Major League Soccer counts on the seasonal change to attract fans to stadiums across North America. However, not all the signs of spring are as obvious as flowers and sunshine in MLS...
11. Chivas USA paid attendance triples... to 21
10. Terry Dunfield switches to jaunty pink and yellow sock tassels
9. Club Escobar's patio now open!
8. De Ro makes a dramatic post-goal tulip-planting motion
7. Forest rangers give Timber Joey the stink-eye
6. Landon Donovan gets moody (see: summer, autumn, and winter)
5. Richard Eckersley begins to blister
4. Southern States switch from ignoring the NHL to ignoring MLS
3. The three guys on the Columbus Crew logo wear tank-tops
2. Joe Cannon begins mating season
1. TFC mathematically eliminated from playoffs

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