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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

TFC waives Ashton, Morgan

Wrong Ashton(e). Wrong Morgan.

Be honest, you clicked here thinking that Toronto FC had released Ashtone Morgan. If we had advertising revenue on this site, we would be counting the extra pennies right now - but no, we were just being dicks. How else could we garner interest over this story?
With the impending arrival of loan signings Steven Caldwell, Jeremy Brockie and perhaps Tal Ben Haim, space was needed to be roster compliant and the first cuts were the most obvious. Supplemental Draft Picks and "Camp Shining Light" sweethearts Ashton Bennett and Taylor Morgan are Reds no more with the club waiving them today. They are unlikely to be the last departures from BMO Field.
With Kevin Payne informing us that TFC really only has "one or two" players with any kind of competitiveness and/or heart (thanks Kevin, we didn't notice) and also that players would be "naive" not to expect changes - expect changes. Whether this means more loanees of the castaway variety or the rumoured midfield DP of the "please don't stop buying tickets" variety, only time will tell. Assume that the time is rapidly approaching.
No word yet from the Ashtone Morgan camp if he is pleased to have sole possession of both his names once again.

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  1. somewhere out there there's a Taylor Bennett feeling really neglected in the jokes department.