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Monday, May 20, 2013

THE STARTING 11: Similarities between Victoria Day and attending a TFC match

Shot on goal!

Face it, after standing (or sitting depending on your BMOfication) through that damp-flannel-to-the-face-of-a-match on Saturday - we deserve an extra day off. Well thanks to that wacky monarch and hottie from history Queen Victoria - you get one! Yes, the lady who brought you such hits as "Ottawa" is rolling out 24 hours of long weekend shenaniganism - but don't get too excited, there are some parts of Vicky Day (TM) that are much like spending the day with Toronto FC...
11. Obnoxious pyrotechnics are set off for no good reason
10. Neither have anything to do with the modern era
9. Troubles are forgotten through mass alcohol consumption
8. Most of the action happens right at the end
7. Americans stand around looking confused by it all
6. You wake up the next day feeling worse
5. Nobody works hard or does anything productive
4. An Irishman inevitably ends up angry
3. You sit in traffic for hours just to watch things go up in smoke
2. We celebrate on the 24th for a long departed Brit
1. Much like Queen Victoria... "We are not amused"

"Mega LOLZ"

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  1. Queen Vic was married to her first cousin. They had several severely mentally challenged kids, some of whom died during childhood. After her husband died, she spent nearly 40 years ... indoors! Fireworks anyone???