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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Somersaults available through October - Robert Earnshaw's contract extended

"Stay on your feet!"

I guess when your only other options up front are the Dutch Mr. Glass (aka Danny Koevermans aka "Mishter Glash") and Justin Braun (aka "Fat Braunaldo" aka "The Narcissist" - don't ask) then extending Robert Earnshaw's contract becomes a no-brainer. Being Vikings at "no" and "brainers" it seems as if TFC have done just that according to Toronto Sun's Kurt Larson via the Twitterz.

Yes, the prolific "Prince Zambia" version of Robert Earnshaw from March and early April has been replaced by "That Welsh Guy" Robert Earnshaw but strikers can blow hot and cold. Except Mista - he just blew. Golden Oldie for ya kids! Perhaps if Koef can stay healthy for more than week then the two of them can form a useful "little & large" game and do the unthinkable at BMO Field... score some goals.

It is too early to say what, if anything, Earnshaw's apparent contract extension says about future transfer targets but improved firepower must be on the agenda. Even if Earnshaw can end the season with 10-15 goals, his affinity for long dry spells without a goal (a career habit) causes him to not be one you can confidently count on up front in the long-term. Until that time though we will just have to hope for more Zambian somersaults and less Welsh head shakes.

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