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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

BREAKING NEWS : Payne is out! No one lined up to replace him!


#StabilityNow #CarouselOfLaughter #TheShockHasWornOff

Kevin Payne has been relieved of his duties according to a reputable source (The Star).  He is to stay on in a consultancy role to ease the transition, but is stripped of his title.  Apparently, the list of debacles was enough for Tim Leiweke to sever ties with his good buddy.

Interesting nuggets to come from this news include that the $25 million to bolster the squad was green lit for Diego Forlan's acquisition, but the utter failure of landing him didn't help his cause.

To be fair, this guy was at least more proactive than the last guy, who was nothing more than happy to count the money for the honour of spending a few nights a season being blasted by season seat holders.

The million dollar question is : does this spell the end of Nelsen?  Hard to say.  Would like to think that with the terrible acquisitions and trades this side has made during his tenure, The Robins aren't as crap as the scoreline and record indicates.  They are a far better side than last year.  Defense is spotty, but improved.  Midfield is creative and aggressive.  Forwards are still terrible, but everyone else is trying to make up for their ongoing disappointments.  Can only dream what this side could look like with actual league-competitive talent...

(0:18 mark for the reference)


  1. If I shake my head anymore, it is in danger of falling off.
    Hiring a new President/GM? What a hostile environment to land in.

    1. Any more absurd, and it'll be a reality show that keeps getting renewed every fall.

    2. You mean it's not already?