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Monday, September 23, 2013

THE STARTING 11: TFC Emmy Award Winners

The fight against Anti-Manimalists starts with you!
Look, we haven't been friendly with The Emmy Awards since "Manimal" was overlooked by the right-wing anti-trans-species Hollywood agenda back in '84. However, controlling a powerful pop-culture, multimedia juggernaut like The Yorkies means we can't just ignore the annual awarding of prizes to the most base of sit-coms. But... when Jim Brennan wasn't even nominated for Best Supporting Facial Hair in the TFC TV series "All For One" we said "enough is enough!" Instead, we ponder an Emmy Awards on GOL TV where all the winning shows are TFC shows...

11. "Curb Your Enthusiasm Until January"

10. "The (Front) Office"

9. "Glum"

8. "Who's The Agbossoumonde?"

7. "Canadian Horror Story: Asylum"

6. "Maddening Men"

5. "So You Think You Can Coach"

4. "Boredwatch Empire"

3. "Evrybdy Lvs Rvs"

2. "Downtown Shabby"

1. "Broken Bad"

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