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Monday, November 25, 2013

THE STARTING 11: Rejected Orlando expansion club names

In Major League Soccer's quest to add 87 new clubs by 2019, the loop last week welcomed Orlando, Florida to Don Garber's holiday table. There is little argument against Orlando as a new market - as a third-tier club their attendance has been very strong; funding and plans have been approved to build a new soccer-specific stadium; and, they have a kick-ass purple kit and a good "footy" name. In all likelihood, the moniker "Orlando City" will follow the club from USL to MLS but there were a few other options lined-up as Central Florida gets ready to host the big boys of MLS. And Toronto FC as well.

11. Vasco de Goofy

10. Vitamin (F)C

9. FC Pluto

8. Fiorlandotina

7. Borussia Monchenglepcotcenter

6. Universidad Studios

5. Peter Panathinaikos

4. Tony Orlando Dons

3. Orlando Pirates of the Caribbean

2. Theme Park Rangers

1. Spartak Mouse Co.

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