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Sunday, December 1, 2013

The Toronto FC Sadvent Calendar: Day 1

The humble, centuries old multi-faith celebration of Black Friday has passed and alas, December is upon us. As the Western World hurtles ass-over-tit towards the holiday season, we here at The Yorkies want to take the time to pause and reflect upon the traditions of the Yuletide period.

It's not all about waking up on Christmas morning and getting the new ColecoVision or whatever the kids on the streetz want nowadays. No, it's also about hearkening back to memories of yesteryear. Reflecting on the things that warmed our hearts - or in the case of Toronto FC, physically damaged our hearts in a very real medical way.

What better way to count down to Christmas than with that most Germanic of Weihnachten traditions - the Advent calendar? Jurgen Klinsmann helped us fix TFC, so why not right? However, in a more apt Toronto FC vein, we invite you back everyday until Kris Kringle of FC Santa Claus arrives on his DP contract, to open a new window on "The Toronto FC Sadvent Calendar" - a celebration of The Reds' most humbling moments.

Enjoy our gift to you this holiday season and be sure to tap your finger on the window of your monitor to receive a marzipan chocolate below! If there is no chocolate, it's not our fault - contact your local Internet service provider. Happy Sadvent err-body!


There are few more magical gifts TFC could have bestowed upon the world than Spaniard Sean Penn-looky-likey, Mista. Washed-up before he got off the plane, Mo Johnston's last expensive kick at salvation angered fans, teammates and likely the cast of "Milk" proving that the holidays are more than just about expensive baubles.  

Check back tomorrow and open another Sadvent window!

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