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Friday, November 29, 2013

Quality optional as Reds chop contracts

The Lambe came back the very next year...
Toronto FC took a tiny baby step towards 2014 by doing minor surgery on their current roster. The club announced the news this afternoon regarding which players had their contract options exercised; those who didn't; those already under contract for 2014; and those who are now on a Bosman. Also, Richard Eckersley. Tim Bezbatchenko referred to it as a "solid core". Yup.

For those who like their mediocrity put in neat little piles, it breaks down like so:

GKS: Joe Bendik, Chris Konopka, Quillan Roberts; D: Gale Agbossoumonde, Mark Bloom, Ryan Richter; MF: Kyle Bekker, Reggie Lambe, Jeremy Hall; FW: Bright Dike, Emery Welshman, and Andrew Wiedeman
- Not a list that will illicit great passions. Aside from starting material in Bendik and Dike there is a lot of tapioca depth there. Bloom is obviously being massaged into our temples as a starter but the return of Lambe and Wiedeman just screams "ah, this will do". The young Canadians really need playing time somewhere.

MF: Bobby Convey, Darel Russell, Michael Thomas and FW: Robert Earnshaw
- Aside from Michael Thomas it's probably not the end of the TFC road for the other three. Convey and Russell will be welcomed veterans on a lower wage. Robert Earnshaw however will have to agree to a currency haircut if he is to return. Interest in the Welshman (Not Emery) may be dependent on the club's success signing DP strikers.

D: Jonas Elmer, Ashtone Morgan, Doneil Henry, Richard Eckersley, and Steven Caldwell; MF: Matias Laba, Jonathan Osorio, Manuel Aparicio, and Alvaro Rey
- Well the glaring ginger alarm bell is Ecks who is "under contract" but in no way in TFC's plans. This simply means the club will pray to the holiday deity of their choice that another club may give up something for him. No real issue with the others except... Jonas Elmer?

GK: Stefan Frei; FW: Justin Braun and Danny Koevermans
- No shocker on Frei who we will miss, on Koef who we will miss the version from a year-and-a-half ago, and um... Justin Braun - you off then matey? It's a fair chunk of salary cap change in those three so let's hope it's turned around and used on guys better than that lump of stuff in the first section.

Sideways and onwards Eff Cee'ers!

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