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Monday, March 31, 2014

THE STARTING 11: TFC Google searches

 "Parade routes... I'm Feeling Lucky"

If there's one thing Toronto FC has always struggled with - it's erasing their history. The front office have been doing their best recently to bloody big deal their way out of the past but even the most well-connected staff needs some research help sometimes. TFC executives are just like us, they put their $3000 trousers on one leg at a time - they also use Google when they need to find an answer. Sometimes they forget to erase that history too...

11. Butty stain remover

10. How do I tell boss his jacket too tight?

9. Tiny hawk clothes

8. Naked Marco Velez pics

7. How many maple leafs on a shirt is too many?

6. Is New Zealand a real place?

5. Giant paint-sucking grass vacuum cost

4. Is Jim Brennan still a thing?

3. Bright or Bee-rite?

2. Nice areas in Columbus?

1. Can you staple someone's head?

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