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Monday, April 7, 2014

THE STARTING 11: Derogatory nicknames Americans call Michael Bradley

He's got no hair but we don't care...

In four matches he has vaulted easily to become one of MLS' premier players. There is an argument that he is CONCACAF's finest talent at the moment. He carries the USA's World Cup hopes to Brazil on his shoulders this summer. He plays in Canada. What a conundrum for our mega-patriotic friends to the south! They love Michael Bradley when he suits up for the U, S and the A but feel the need to vent at him over the audacity to choose to play in Soviet Canuckistan over a more freedom-filled franchise below the 49th. This love-hate relationship has made for some colourful language being thrown in Bradley's direction...

11. "Syrup-slurping Tackle-monkey"

10. "Benedict Headbutts Arnaud"

9. "The Bald Eagle Beaver"

8. "Backstabbing Backbacony Bonehead"

7. "Michael Bradl-Eh"

6. "Left-wing Pinko Gretzky Sympathizer"

5. "Molson-guzzling Igloo-renter"

4. "Healthcare-happy Hoser-hugger"

3. "America's Sticky Head Bandage"

2. "Lex Loser"

1. "Drake Dodger"

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