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Monday, April 21, 2014

THE STARTING 11: Surprising items found during the BMO Field Easter Egg hunt

Happy Easter Monday to our Christian observers/chocolate bunny observers. To the rest of you - happy Monday? Sure. Easter of course is where millions celebrate JC's (not Julio Cesar) big comeback victory over AS Roma in the egg fields near the stadium where Beitar Jerusalem now plays. We think. Our hotel Bible and a copy of FourFourTwo magazine got stuck together. Regardless of your beliefs, one tradition that all heathens love is an Easter Egg Hunt and the good folks at Toronto FC are no different. However, when you let people hunt in the nooks and crannies of your stadium, any festive treat could be found...

11. Stencils to decorate Michael Bradley's head

10. Boxes of tiny candy Drakes

9. A laboratory full of cryogenically frozen cloned Bitchy eggs

8. A statuette of The Risen Jason Kreis

7. Jermain Defoe's carton of WAGS

6. The Kinder Egg that Joao Plata first arrived in

5. An actual bunny hiding from Ali Gerba since 2009

4. Paul Mariner's abandoned blueprints for "Creme Egg Shorts"

3. The fuzzy bunny costume that Mo Johnston used to make John Carver wear when he needed cheering up

2. The human-sized Aunt Jemima syrup bottle that used to live with Danny Koevermans

1. A painting of The Last Supper where Jim Brennan portrays every character

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