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Monday, April 28, 2014

THE STARTING 11: Ways that Toronto FC players spent their bye week

SPRING BREAK! Woooot! Ok, not quite a kegger on Daytona Beach but TFC players and staff have had a few extra days off to relax recently. So while you toil away in whatever corporate ant farm is destroying your soul... take a moment to think of those more fortunate than you and how they spent a lovely spring week...

11. JACKSON: Touring city parks... tackling daffodils from behind

10. NICK HAGGLUND: Leaving Drake way too many unanswered voice mails

9. DWAYNE DE ROSARIO: Signing invisible airline ticket. Going on invisible tropical vacation.

8. MICHAEL BRADLEY: Mostly staring menacingly straight ahead

7. JULIO CESAR: Buying one of the few remaining local Little Caesars pizza chains. Removing the "E" from "Caesars". Laughing hysterically.

6. TIM LEIWEKE: Using giant eraser on Maple Leafs' parade route

5. BRIGHT DIKE: Wondering aloud why the beverage Sprite isn't pronounce "Spee-Rite"

4. JERMAIN DEFOE: LadyAuditions

3. TIM BEZBATCHENKO: Playing lead guitar for his thrash metal group; going to Fight Club; cruisin' for honeys in the Bezmobile; late-night vigilante justice; strip Dungeons & Dragons. So, just a normal week.

2. BRADLEY ORR: Getting better acquainted with Toronto. Head-butting locals.

1. JIM BRENNAN: Named TFC Assistant Regional VP of Vacations

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