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Monday, May 5, 2014

THE STARTING 11: Ways to make the Canadian Championship tournament more popular

Solid midfielder

The Canadian Club Championship - we still like to call it the NutCan because it sounds dirty - and the quest for the Voyageurs Cup is a great little tournament. There have been some terrific matches and plenty of drama in the tournament's short history. It was also TFC's only glimpse of glory in the wasteland that was 2007-2013. Despite that, the tourney still struggles to fill stadiums and has yet to be fully embraced across the country. Perhaps the organizers should reach out to Canadians with these very useful ideas...

11. Give the actual Voyageurs Cup a "Roll Up The Rim To Win" feature

10. Funny hats!

9. The winners get P.E.I.

8. Go to three downs

7. Advertise the tournament on TV as "The Road to Wednesdays in Honduras"

6. Just let Vancouver win it one time, ok guys?

5. Final held on Baffin Island

4. Losers must take Rob Ford as their mayor for a year

3. Each club must field a bear in their starting XI

2. Rebrand it as "The Molson Canadian Lawn Hockey Finals"

1. Shirts vs. Pants

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