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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Unlike a Boss! TFC deals Agbossoumonde - Acquires Luke Moore

Once a Swan, now a Robin

Nothing like a little sexy group action on a Thursday afternoon.

In their continuing war on puns, TFC has dealt away defender Gale Agbossoumonde to Colorado Rapids on the tail-end of a hot three-way which sees The Reds pick up 28-year-old English journeyman forward Luke Moore. "But I thought Moore played for Chivas?" we hear one of you saying. Well he did this morning but then it went down like so:

Chivas dealt Luke Moore to Colorado. Colorado sent Marvin Chavez to The Goats. Colorado flipped Moore to Toronto for Boss. We all clear? Aces.

T-Bez claimed post-trade that TFC's defensive depth allowed them to make the deal and to be fair, Agbossoumonde was very, very deep on the chart. Non-existent deep. It's always a shame to see young talent go but it was clear that he was not in the club's immediate plans.

In Luke Moore, TFC grab some depth up front. With Bright Dike looking like a late-season return at best, Moore is better than having Andrew Wiedeman as your bench weapon... but only just. Once a darling of the Aston Villa youth set-up, Moore has never established himself at any one club (and he's had his share) and will never be accused of being a consistent goal threat. Maybe it's all to make Gilberto feel better about himself? We kid!!!

There is a very outside chance that Jermain Defoe will join England at the World Cup thus missing a few matches but even if he doesn't, The Reds have yet to find a second scoring threat up front. If Defoe or Gilberto were to go down for a prolonged period, Moore at least offers some experience at striker.

And.. If it all fails, we get to use the gag "Less is Moore". Suck it pun thieves! We won't be stopped!

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