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Monday, May 12, 2014

THE STARTING 11: Sequel titles for the Canadian Championship Semi Final 2nd Leg

Heading to Vancouver with a one-goal lead but with the sword of the away goal hanging over TFC's heads, you wouldn't think that ramping up the excitement for Wednesday's match would be difficult. However, in the world of promotions you can never hype too much and in the tradition of terrible movie sequel titles, the 2nd Leg deserves a boost. Whether it turns out as an action-adventure or a horror for The Reds, these titles should definitely boost those ratings...

11. "The Phantom Robbo"

10. "Moore than Meets the Eye"

9. "Laba: The DP that Shagged Us"

8. "I Know What We Won't Do This Summer"

7. "Ryan Nelsen in the Kingdom of the Crystal Meth"

6. "The Legend of Lenarduzzi's Gold"

5. "Electric Boogalululemon"

4. "Alien vs. Predator + Drag Queen = Darren Mattocks"

3. "2 Legs, No Cup"

2. "Pacific Rim Job"

1. "2nd Leg: Leg harder"

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