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Monday, September 22, 2014

THE STARTING 11: Chivas USA rebrands

Well that's it Toronto FC supporters. Our long, heated rivalry with Chivas USA is likely over. The next time we see them - whether that is in 2015 or beyond - they will likely have a new name, look and philosophy. The idea to have a satellite Chivas Guadalajara in Los Angeles was not a bright idea from the beginning, akin to TFC having been branded Toronto Arsenals or something to that effect. So as The Goats stumble off into the MLS sunset, we want to offer as a parting gift, 11 great rebranding ideas for this never-storied club...

11. Club UnAmerica

10. The UnderaChivas

9. Goatafe

8. Inglewood Californian Thistle

7. Santos Laguna's Little Helper

6. SeeYaCaliFranchiseThatExistedWithoutFocus 
(aka Real Mary Poppins)

5. Clippers FC

4. FC Zenit San Andreas

3. The Mighty Dukla of Anaheim

2. Olympitacos

1. Los Hobos


  1. Maybe it's just me...but I like the sound of Inglewood Californian Thistle.

  2. There's nothing on this list that doesn't make me at least giggle if not literally lol.