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Monday, September 29, 2014

THE STARTING 11: Hidden features in the BMO Field expansion plans


Phase One: "How interesting!" Phase Two: "Look at that roof!" Phase Three: "Say what in the whatnow? Aww nuts." Yes, in the words of a guy who used to work around these parts - "get used to it." BMO Field is being expanded into a 30,000-seat, gleaming Euro-style stadium suitable for an ambitious MLS club with visions of grandeur... and then a CFL team. Enjoy! However, it's not all bad news Toronto FC fans - there are some great hidden features that you may have missed in those architectural diagrams...

11. A touching memorial to real grass

10. High tech attendance counters that only read "SOLD OUT"

9. Luxury Hawk Box

8. ButtyBuffet

7. Tiger-Cats and Columbus Crew fans now fully interchangeable!

6. New GO Station access that guarantees you only miss your train by 30 seconds every time

5. Plenty of bandwagon parking

4. A monument to the brave, wealthy, fat white men who made this all possible

3. Handy permanent gridiron lines help soccer fans know exactly how many yards it is to goal!

2. Hilarious novelty trophy case

1. Football replaced with football

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