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Thursday, December 31, 2009

THE STARTING 11: Unlikely stories in 2010

Well 2010 is upon us. It's the future ya know?! Another year without jetpacks, flying cars and Roy Scheider isn't any closer to Jupiter, God rest his soul. Oh well, at least football still exists... until the robot uprising of course. Then it will all be Chelsea Robotics and their rich Robo-Owner "AbramoBot" buying all the best robots from around the world. Until then though, our 99% human Toronto FC will play on and hope that 2010 doesn't create these headlines...

11. De Ro gone for season after freak lawnmower / corn row accident

10. Montreal gets MLS expansion - League bans term "Tabernac!" from all stadiums

9. Strike at Carlsberg - supporters forced to drink own tears

8. Players forced to train extra 2 hours a day to learn how to pronounce Preki's full name

7. MLS labour dispute cancels season - Pro Bocce Ball League moves to BMO

6. Bitchy The Hawk goes crazy - dozens injured, pecked

5. Reality show featuring out of work footballer debuts - "Roaming With Ricketts" a ratings disaster

4. TFC promotions department lauded as local kids invited on-field to "Pet Julian De Guzman's hair"

3. Chad Barrett starts new "Goals For The Environment" charity - global warming rises by 20%

2. Canadian Championship shocker as Nutrilite Cup won by "Baltimore CSL Colts"

1. Chip Butty... is people!



  1. Nice post title man! Happy New Year and stay safe.

  2. Hey Starting11! Great name, great blog too - kudos to that. Happy New Year to you as well and all the bloggers who do this for free for the love of The Beautiful Game. Never to forget the readers as well, without you blogs aren't much fun. Cheers to all.

    Don't drink and support Arsenal.

  3. Hahaha!!! Good call on number 3! :)