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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

TFC hopes for miracle (Mo)ves at draft

While on his way to Philadelphia to attend this year's SuperDraft, TFC Director of Football Mo Johnston will likely be stopping by a leper colony to do some healing as well as turning some water into wine on the flight. That is the level of miracle many TFC supporters are expecting before the draft begins as hopes are high that the ever humble Scot will be able to deal for a high pick. With little in the way of trade worthy assets and only a pair of low picks in his pocket, the lepers best wait until next year.

Johnston's ability to swing a deal will define the rest of his off season in regards to player acquisitions. New manager Preki is not towing the company line that TFC is "close" to being a good team and has been vocal about the need to fill glaring holes. Mo Johnston's slightly overrated history at the draft has been his favoured route to team building but with only the two low round picks, TFC's gaps are unlikely to be filled in Philadelphia tomorrow.

Johnston would love to get his hands on a high first round pick with the likely target being Canadian striker Teal Bunbury but he has so little to offer in the way of trades. Names being thrown around the rumour mill include Carl Robinson, Marvell Wynne, Stefan Frei and Chad Barrett but none of those players will be enough alone to secure a high first rounder. Also, with a fairly thin roster, Toronto can't really afford to be shipping out that many players without receiving more in return.

The odds are higher right now that Mo may just have to suffer through drafting low this year while hoping for a diamond in the rough. Sadly, TFC will not find a starter in the Second Round and beyond. This would mean supporters having to have faith in Mo's ability to actually purchase quality on the open market. With the international transfer market only open for a little while longer, true quality players (not trialists or low division UK cast-offs) may not be headed to TFC in time for the beginning of the season.

Perhaps Johnston may still have a miracle left, and with his spotty track record of player acquisitions outside of the draft - supporters best hope so. If not, maybe Mo can change fish and loaves into two defenders, two wingers and a striker.

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