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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ty Harden in - Jorge Andrade... not so much

--------------------Oregon's Jorge Andrade, apparently

Somewhere in Toronto FC's media relations department, a hack is spellchecking "Franz Beckenbauer" for Mo's inevitable comparison between Der Kaiser and TFC's newest defender Ty Harden. There of course is no comparison, Harden is just another mediocre body in TFC's new "Adopt-a-Rapid" campaign acquired today for a third-round draft pick in 2011. Of course that has never stopped TFC PR from trumpeting lesser players in the past has it?

"He's a good quality, young defender and there are many things I like about him. He showed a lot of promise in his rookie season with the Galaxy and we hope he can add some toughness to our back line" crowed manager Preki from TFC's Florida camp. What he didn't mention apart from Harden's fair rookie season with Galaxy was that the player left football to pursue charity work in Kenya for a year before returning to MLS with Rapids last season. That's a sign of a fine gentleman no doubt but hardly the making of the new Roberto Carlos. Harden played in 7 matches with Colorado last season and had a 1 match loan spell with Rochester in the USL. Exciting.

Harden is as stated, a body to be added to a paper thin defence. As depth, he is passable, but he will not be any kind of changing force in a back four that alarmingly looks like it could include Nick Garcia on opening day. Harden seems like a solid citizen and his year in Kenya is a wonderful act but from a purely football perspective he is yet another one of Mo's on-the-cheap specials - and don't let the TFC PR machine tell you any different.

Of course the PR department will probably be busy now making up excuses on why their trialist saviour - Jorge Andrade, didn't even bother to show up to training camp. Yes, the man who was meant to be the possible stalwart of TFC:2010's defence has so far been a Florida no-show. No official word yet if Andrade has hooked up with another poorly managed club or if his non-existent left knee gave out on the way to the airport. One thing is for sure, The Yorkies' PR department won't be comparing Mo Johnston to Franz Beckenbauer as a director of football.


  1. BULLSHIT! you obviously know nothing about soccer. Harden is a solid defender, better then anyone we got. He can make a huge impact and is a smart player. He even scored their last goal vs montreal and lets DeRo take the credit while he gets all his skin ripped off and doesnt show any emotion cus hes Tough too

  2. Agreed! Harden will show that he is one of the best under rated defenders in the league