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Sunday, March 28, 2010

New kit... same sh*t

---"These Canucks are mocking us in their new jerseys! Tase 'em!"

As if watching Toronto FC lose badly to "rival" Columbus 2-0 isn't bad enough, having to watch it on GOL-TV just twists the knife. When the game coverage is brought to you directly from the same boardroom that hired team "architect" Mo Johnston, you have to be regaled by MLSE-brand excuses and promotion for two hours. Having to sit through the mire that was 2010's opening match and then have to watch Dwayne De Rosario, Nick Garcia and Preki talk about "the positives" of the loss in post-match interviews is just insulting.

Yes, The Reds did hold their defensive shape for a good chunk of the first half. However, if Preki is planning to play a Bolton-esque grinding defence style all year he needs to realize two things: fans will only enjoy ugly football if you get points using it; and, like Bolton, you actually have to have talented defenders. Instead, TFC has Ty Harden who Tried Harden but looked like a Ken-doll in distress and the utter hot mess that is Nick Garcia. We semi-joked on this site for months that Garcia would start today. Our horrifying prediction was paid off with a defensive display so shockingly inept it is unworthy of a witty simile. Garcia isn't worthy of a MLS bench spot yet in Mo Johnston's 4 year plan is our main centreback. Great guy to have if you need a ball cleared directly into your keeper's back though!

Going forward has gone backward. While the 2nd half offered some spluttering sloppy opportunities at goal, the spinal combo of De Gu, De Ro and O'Brien "Montego Molasses" White is not going to bulge the onion bag too often. Makeshift wingers Gala, Cronin and sub LaBrocca did little as far as delivery into the box, so it looks as if Preki's hope is that long-range shots and messy scrambles will provide enough goals to get by. Surely he's not waiting on Chad Barret to change things. Yes Preki is a defensive minded coach but some ideas going forward need to arrive quickly.

At the final whistle, the scoreline was fair. Columbus was way under-par today and if they had capitalized on a number of goalmouth chances the score could have been worse. It is indeed the first match and due to Mo Johnston's ineptitude, new players are still coming into the system. There is time to get better for TFC but it cannot be with a display too much like today's. The post-match interviews are fine and dandy corporate talk on a corporate network but if there really are positives, they need to be built upon in a hurry. Otherwise, much like the misDirector of Football - it's all hot air. TFC 2010 looked a hell of a lot like TFC 2007 and there is no plus side to that.


  1. With you on Garcia, nail him to the bench, but I thought that Harden had his moments. He had the size and strength to get in the way of Lenhart most of the time. I just don't expect him to be a smoothie on the ball, just as long as he clears when needed. He was to TFC what Andy Iro was for the Crew, the big body back there.
    I am still waiting (in vain) for the roster moves that will bring in a true striker and the central defender that makes Garcia a pine fixture.

  2. Greetings sports fans from the United Kingdom once more.

    New season and I'm holding back to buy a new TFC shirt, once it shipped over I can wear it with pride and cry in the privacy of my own home. Why does this all sound like deja vu? A sloppy start of which Roy Keane would have been kicked in the pants for.

    Anyway it's a long and winding road until the end of season drinks round at Mo's so lets not get too dishearten. So I'm off to place my order with the sport shop for my new style shirt, XXL should do me. As snow is forecast for the middle of the week over here it looks like my trusty TFC knitted hat (complete with Kia sponsorship) and scarf will come out of the cupboard once again.

    Remember there's nothing that can't be sorted with a good quality snipers rifle.

    Onwards and upwards TFC fans, cheer them on for me.

    Regards as always
    Keith, Earl of Mendlesham

  3. I felt sorry for O'Brien White. Too much responsibilty on a 2nd year player. Solo striker is hard for the best forwards. He's more of a target man but barely got one aerial cross all game.

    Long season ahead boys!