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Monday, March 8, 2010

THE STARTING 11: 2010 Toronto FC Ad Slogans

Part keeping fans' expectations in check, which is a task that MLSE has mastered, is keeping the excitement up for a new season. Even if the upcoming year looks like it could fall flat on its face (just saying), the ownership must try to brand it with enthusiasm. You can't let a minor issue like no major player acquisitions or a long shot at a title get in the way. It's almost time to brand Season Four...

11. "Come smell the grass!"

10. "Now with 40% less Guevara"

9. "There's a good chance Mo might sign you!"

8. "Come for the butty - stay for the footy"

7. "$9 Dollar Beer + direct sun = Sweet High!"

6. "Toronto's Best Urinals: 2008/ 2009"

5. "Where else can you throw things at Americans?"

4. "Managing expectations since 2007"

3. "You might just see Craig Forrest!"

2. "Year 4 of the 20 Year Plan"

1. "MLSE: Please donate generously"


  1. #7 was amazing!

  2. #2 ROFLAO

    Damn, that was funny.
    I thought "Toronto: Where preseasons go to die" quite appropriate.

  3. i like the urinal one !