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Friday, March 26, 2010

Two economy tickets for Columbus: Saric and Conway sign on

-------------------Saric. Best Argentine-Croat we've had

Late Friday, Toronto FC announced some further additions to "Mo Johnston's Last Minute Club". As reported here yesterday, GK Brian Edwards was released and in his place comes former Chivas USA back-up keeper Jon Conway.

Also in the final boarding call was trialist Martin Saric. The 30 year old midfielder has bounced around the Argentine and various Balkan lower leagues and will likely provide bench strength and little else. Putting high hopes on his shoulders is a recipe for disappointment.

Read more at TFC's Official site.

UPDATE: On Saturday morning, TFC signed midfielder/ sometime defender and latest Re-Rapid Dan "Tuan" Gargan (get it Gargan-Tuan? Never mind.) He is rushing to Columbus on an economy flight at press time.

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