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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Wynne out of our sails

In the end, Marvell Wynne's explosive speed ran him right out of town. The jovial American wing-back, who became a quick fan favourite after his 2007 arrival, seems to be the latest victim of the "Mo Johnston Last Minute Club". Wynne has been shipped off to Colorado Rapids in exchange for versatile midfielder Nick "La Rock" LaBrocca and a low draft pick thrown in for fun.
Wynne will always be the "should've been" superstar for Toronto. His blinding runs down the flank and ability to backtrack on defence like a bullet were met with awe when he arrived but the inevitable development seemed to stall over the last year. Despite flirtations with the US Men's National Team the swift Californian couldn't raise his game, especially in regards to first touches and crosses. Many TFC observers had grown tired of waiting for Wynne to expand on his obvious raw skills and it seems as if Preki was in that camp too.
Nick LaBrocca comes as a relatively unknown commodity in these parts but seems to be highly regarded by Rapids supporters - all 17 of them. He has played the majority of minutes for the Mountain Men and has played at every midfield position and also in a pinch at left-back. He seems like a workhorse and fits in with the other Re-Rapids TFC has picked up - Ty Harden and Jacob Peterson. Of course, a midfielder doesn't exactly fill The Reds' emergency holes in the defence and up front but that's not LaBrocca's fault and depth is of course an issue too.
Further movement rumoured today, but not confirmed officially, has TFC moving GK Brian Edwards either by trade or in a release. If this comes to fruition it would be a move to open up cap room, likely to pay for the signatures of trialists Adrian "Yes We" Cann and Martin Saric. Former Chivas USA backup keeper Jon Conway is reportedly in camp so there may be flame to this smoke. The fact that Mo Johnston looked up from his winter solstice and realized that the season starts in two days is just further proof of the phenomenal work this true Hall of Famer does. Now... which button on the keyboard denotes sarcasm?

---------------------Good luck Marv. Enjoy the quiet.

1 comment:

  1. Despite theis terrible loss, I'm actually quite curious on what Wynne might do for the Rapids. Probably not much, but he is a good defender, so we'll see. Regardless, we won't survive without him (Unless our new super-expansive midfield is THAT good). But like you said, enjoy the quiet Marv.