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Monday, April 19, 2010

Ali stings like a bee

---------------------------Gerba: open up front

In the world of football it is rare for an active player to come out and speak openly about the reasons he is no longer with a club. It is equally rare in Toronto for a reporter to have an actual in-depth journalistic interview with a member (or ex-member) of TFC. Today both of those things occurred.

Kristian Jack, the very underrated reporter for The Score, held a one-on-one interview with the ex-TFC striker and the Canadian international was blunt, open and very direct. What Gerba has to say about Mo Johnston and Preki in particular is not quite shocking but nonetheless damning. Defenders (why would you be?) of TFC management will claim Gerba is a bitter player with a grudge but watch the whole interview and that sentiment doesn't come out once. In fact Gerba praises TFC's fans and claims he would play for The Reds again - presumably under different management.

If you have any interest in what is going on in this rapidly decaying club, watch the interview (with some great questions from Jack) and gauge your own feeling. Our impression is that Gerba came of as a gentlemen who sees that TFC will go nowhere as it stands now. Hard to disagree.

Follow the link below...

The Score's Kristian Jack interviews Ali Gerba


  1. Before I watched the video I thought Garba was going to be a whiny loser but after seeing it I hate to say that i think he was saying the truth. Even if its half truth, this team is a big mess. Mo out! I'll wait on preki for a while. Props to Jack on the score adn this crazy ass site. Peace

  2. Ali Gerba is a fat waste of space who couldn't cut it in in Toronto and is now trying to blame everyone form Preki to Mo to MLSE. Whatever lard-ass godd ridance.

  3. If you believe Gerba or not we can all agree TFC is going in the wrong direction under Mo. Hiring Preki was a bad decision, his coaching system did not suit our playing style. Now we are paying for these decision. Also Gerba didn't get a fair chance to prove hiumself.