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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

THE STARTING 11: Mysterious TFC road ailments

-----------Cheap and soft in the middle. Like our defence.

Unlike the claim that TFC is "going in the right direction", altitude sickness is an actual scientifically proven fact. Teams who have to travel to opponents who are based in high locales often complain of quick fatigue and breathing difficulties. Having a team full of trialists, cast-offs and agency favours could never be the issue - never. Either way, TFC trotted out the altitude card against Colorado this past weekend but what medical phenomena can they use in other cities?
11. (DALLAS) BBQ-Sauce Induced Migraines
10. (CHICAGO) John Hughes' Films Melancholy
9. (NEW YORK) Empire State of Mind
8. (D.C.) Case of Obama-Mania
7. (LA) Stars in Their Eyes
6. (KANSAS CITY) Lilapsophobia - The Fear of Tornadoes
5. (PHILLY) Cheese Steak Indigestion
4. (NEW ENGLAND) Chowder Flu
3. (SEATTLE) Cobain-Related Depression
2. (COLUMBUS) Trillium Envy
1. (MONTREAL) Joe Louis/ Pepsi/ Cigarette Hangover


  1. STupidly funny, but also sad because we will be hearing excuse after excuse this year. So far we had expansion, turf, Carver, weather, Cummins, dressing room fights - what's next?

  2. I dont know what the crackhead who wrote this is on but i want some before sunday's game!