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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

THE STARTING 11: Other failed Preki experiments

Possible new striker... and Brazilian

The idea was doomed from the beginning. Preki's "experiment" (as it is being called in Press Release Land) of sitting TFC's only offensive weapons against the league champs would have only worked if this club had depth. To be crystal clear - it does not. Kudos to the happy Serb for putting his hands up and admitting it was a mistake but really, these are things that should have been attempted in pre-season. What's that you say? Mo and Preki, two Wizards (well at least ex-KC Wizards) should have been able to conjure up a full squad? Guess, their magic was on the blink, but what other Preki "experiments" could have gone awry?
11. Wearing his hair in De Ro-style corn-rows
10. Kissing local frogs - seeing if they turn into strikers
9. Carlsberg / Gatorade Smoothies
8. "Robo-Dichio"
7. Conjuring up goals
6. Blasting new TFC defender with gamma rays - hoping to make "Gargan-Tor"
5. Canadian-izing his name to "Pretzky"
4. Double-stuffing his chip butty
3. Military coup attempt to form nation of "Prekistan"
2. His 1998 album "Predrag Does Motown"
1. Making Mo disappear

1 comment:

  1. Ha! Ha! No one would get on his case if he was called Pretzky!!! Thanks for the laugh