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Monday, September 6, 2010

The 2010 "FC Karl-Marx-Stadt Worker Awards"

Marx: "Up The Reds"

The first Monday of September isn't just the last day you are legally allowed to drink beer in sandals, it is also Labour Day (yes, spelled with a "u" up here our Yankee pals) - the day where workers of the world are celebrated. It is a day to honour ("u" again!) the hard working men and women toiling in all kinds of conditions in such places as football scarf knitting sweatshops, chip butty assembly lines and novelty vuvuzela factories.

On the day where we stand by the strength of the union (not the Philadelphia kind) we here at The Yorkies also hand out our annual "FC Karl-Marx-Stadt Worker Awards" to the three hardest working Toronto FC players of the year. The award - named after the former club, which was named after the stadium, named after the street it was built on, named for the socialist worker philospher Karl Marx - doesn't always go to the most skilled or necessarily the "best" player on TFC but to the three hardest workers. First, second and third places respectively to the men who you can be sure will show up to every game and give it their all.

Here is a look at the past winners of the FC Karl-Marx-Stadt Worker Awards:

2007: Jim Brennan, Carl Robinson, Danny Dichio

2008: Carl Robinson, Marvell Wynne, Jim Brennan

2009: Dwayne De Rosario, Adrian Serioux, Sam Cronin

And now, put down your beer and put your sandals back on... here are the 2010 winners:


Marx makes a quiet 2nd Half appearance - like Jacob Peterson


  1. It's been a few years since I watched Marx argue for off-side. Brilliant! What was the Greek goalie thinking (or arguing)?

  2. Can't really argue with those three, but surely John Conway's frantic towelling efforts in the Dallas game get him at least an honourable mention.

    also, thanks for the link, and keep up the good work.