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Saturday, September 4, 2010

AFTER 90: Preki Does Dallas

"It's me! Your old pal Jeffy!"


The shock is hardly resonating across North America but after 90 minutes in Frisco, Texas, Toronto FC still only has 1 win to it's name from all away matches in 2010. At this very moment the PR machine at TFC Central is putting together their match recap for the official website while the happy-go-lucky Serb Preki is readying his post-match pressers - both are trotting out "The Big Book of Toronto FC Excuses (2010 Edition)" to fill those spaces. The adjectives "unlucky, teamwork and hard-working" will surely feature but the black and white can only be "unacceptable futility" on the road.

While soothing the supporters' wounded spirits is part of any club's post-match ritual, Toronto FC fans have heard the same refrain on the road since 2007 - to the point where it has become comically tragic. While it is true that TFC was in tough without called-up Canadians Dwayne De Rosario, Julian de Guzman and Nana Attakora, hearing about yet another "strong effort" just won't do. There is absolutely no excuse for the root of the problem which has existed from match 1 of TFC's history and that is the complete ineptitude of misDirector of Football Mo Johnston and his 5 year inability to build a team with depth, abundant skill and a style to win away from the comforts of home.

The MLS B-team that is TFC without it's three main Canadians, is definitely not helped by the negative style of it's Mo-picked head coach Preki. The "jolly" Balkan's style handicaps any chance Toronto has going into a game aggressively and positively as was witnessed this evening. The Reds were weary of anything that looked like offence in the first half then had to scramble with it's Preki-loved team of plumbers and grinders for a last-gasp hope at 1 point after ex-Red Jeff Cunningham opened the 2nd half scoring for Dallas. That happenrd before most fans had returned from the taco stand.

Yes, TFC gave it a go in the last 10 minutes but coming up short and being "unlucky" once again is just the same story - different year. One has to wonder if the yearly playoff hunt will also end with the same tired adjectives.

MAN OF THE MATCH: Kevin Hartman (FCD)

MATCH IN FIVE WORDS: Red cards. High School Football.


TOTALLY FAKE POST-MATCH QUOTE: "It was very pleasant. I had a nice meal, I watched an episode of "Mad Men" on my iPad and had a haircut." - FC Dallas GK Kevin Hartman describes how he spent the first half against "offensively challenged" TFC

No Bobby it's not a dream - it happens every year


  1. In this one you failed to mention that - once again - Peterson had the chance to show the fans that he doesn't SUCK. But, naturally and as usual, he SUCKED.

  2. Hi Possum,

    You make a very good point, we did forget to insert our usual "Jacob Peterson: The Invisible Man" reference. He was SO invisible he managed to escape our sarcasm! To defend this error we will release a press statement in the style of Preki/ TFC. Here goes...

    "I can't believe we didn't manage to get a Peterson reference into the blog tonight. We deserved better. I feel we were unlucky. This blog is great in the locker room and works hard as a team. We can take a lot from this match re-cap and will continue to blog hard. Did I mention unlucky? Playoffs are the goal. Teamwork. Unlucky."

  3. We won in San Jose, so I think we have 4 points on the road. See? Much better!

  4. Oops! Noted that typo Sairfax - thanks! Meant to write 1 win on the road. You're right - that's much better.

    See you at the MLS Cup parade!