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Monday, October 11, 2010

THE STARTING 11: Thanksgiving festivities in the Toronto FC Head Office

Mmm... turkey

It's that special holiday where we gather with friends and family, to give thanks for all the blessings we have received during the year. For Toronto FC supporters, we give thanks for umm... oh, what about - nah.... oh there was that time... ugh. Let's see... jeez. Mo Johnston being fired? High above our seats, in the TFC Head Offices, there's much to give thanks for. Namely, supporters with short memories and / or low attention spans. The suits aren't all that different from us though, they still have traditions and festivities that take place on Canadian Turkey Day...
11. Having 30 people over for supper - announcing that 250 attended
10. Dressing up Ex-Soviets and African trialists as Pilgrims and Natives
9. Cooking a dryer turkey than last year - charging 35% more for it
8. Eating leftover Panda steak, Dolphin filet and Bald Eagle pate from the last ML$E Board of Directors meeting
7. First Wave Agency sends a giant gift basket (Cancelled... for now)
6. You can have stuffing - if you buy Marlies' season tickets
5. Making a festive centrepiece in Julian de Guzman's hair
4. Take Mista on a hayride... to the airport
3. De Ro makes a cheque signing motion when he wants more sweet potato
2. Promise guests to buy the best dessert available on the market - instead buy a box of stale Latvian donuts
1. Danny Dichio carves the butty

Mmm... Turkey

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